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In the We Live Our Faith "More to Explore" feature, there are frequent references to the Internet. The Sadlier editorial group has carefully reviewed the following Web sites and found them appropriate for assistance in completing the "More to Explore" activities.

Although serious efforts have been made to link to content that is faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church, Sadlier is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites. Sadlier does not endorse them nor the products or services they might contain.

A quote from the U.S. Catholic bishops' document, "Your Family and Cyberspace," issued on June 16, 2000 makes an important statement:

"just because you can find it on the web doesn't mean it's true; and just because a site uses 'Catholic' in its name doesn't mean it reflects the teaching and practice of the Catholic faith."

You can find the bishops' document in its entirety at: