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Jesus is Lord

Jesus asks us to care for the “least” as we would care for him. Who are considered the “least” in your neighborhood?

Draw a shepherd's staff to represent the way Christ rules and reigns. On this staff, print one of these words or phrases which you choose to rule your life.

Mercy                  Visiting

Justice                 Feeding

Compassion         Clothing

Welcoming           Recognizing Jesus

Comforting          "The least of my brothers and sisters"

Like, Invisible

All those gathered asked "Lord, when did we see you?" Nobody recognized where Jesus was present, in the least of the brothers and sisters.

Draw a pair of eyeglasses. On each lens, print "seeing Jesus".

Below these eyeglasses, name three persons who quietly do good things, but nobody notices. OR name three situations where this gospel tells us Jesus is unexpectedly present.

Mercy Works

A group of gospel based actions by which we care for the physical and spiritual needs of others are called Works of Mercy. Some of them are listed below. Draw cartoon, or stick figures, or icons that illustrate three of these works of mercy.

Corporal Works of Mercy

Feed the hungry

Give drink to the thirsty

Welcome the stranger

Clothe the naked

Comfort the sick

Visit the imprisoned

Give alms to the poor

Bury the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy







Enduring with patience

A Shepherd's Prayer Staff

In the first reading Ezekiel talks about a shepherd caring for sheep. Explain that a shepherd carried a staff to test the ground or water where the sheep would walk to make sure it was safe. Use an umbrella, a mop handle, or broomstick for a staff. Have each child write on a large index card the names of people for whom he or she wants to pray. Punch a hole in each card and put a length of yarn or string through the hole. Then tie the cards to the staff.

Acting As We Should

In the Gospel, we are called to care for those who are less fortunate. Have the children act out ways they can do this. For example, have several children pretend to be hungry. Have another group of children pretend to bring them food. You may want to collect non-perishable goods to donate to a food pantry or clothing to give to a shelter.

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