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Discussion Questions for Reading 1

Today is the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King. In this reading from Daniel, we can see Jesus as the Son of Man who receives kingship from God the Father. What do we learn from Daniel about the Son of Man's kingship? How is Jesus different from any worldly king or leader? What are some of the qualities you admire in Christ our King?

What ideas do you have about how we can best honor Christ the King?

Reading 1 Daniel 7:13-14

Reading 1 Reflection

Once again we share the visions of the prophet Daniel. He sees "one like a son of man" coming from the heavens into the presence of God. This Messiah king receives from God the Father power and kingship over all nations. His rule is universal and it lasts forever. No one can take it away from him.

"Son of Man" later became a title of the Messiah. Jesus applied this title to himself. The Messiah was also thought of as a king. When Jesus was on trial before the high priest, he quoted the vision of Daniel to describe himself.

Discussion Questions for Reading 2

The feast of Christ the King reminds us that to be a disciple of Jesus in today's world we should be able to recognize the "signs of the times."

· What "signs of the times" are you most aware of?

· How do you respond if the sign is negative?

Give an example and suggest how you might change a negative sign of the times into something positive.

Reading 2 Revelation 1:5-8

Reading 2 Reflection

We are delighted whenever someone we love is honored. In this reading from the beginning of the Book of Revelation, the inspired author has a vision of the second coming of Jesus Christ. He comes in the clouds as the "ruler of the kings of earth." He is the "First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." He is the faithful witness to God's promises and the first to rise from the dead. Now he is honored as a crucified and risen King.

On this triumphant feast day we rejoice in Christ's kingship. And we give thanks that Jesus has made of us a royal priesthood to serve our God and Father.

How does the Kingdom of God differ from earthly kingdoms? How do you help it to spread?

Discussion Questions for Gospel

Trial scenes are often dramatized in movies and on TV. Imagine that you are a Roman soldier who is present at Pilate's official residence as the prisoner Jesus of Nazareth is being questioned. What might you think when you heard Jesus' answer to Pilate's question, "Are you the king of the Jews?" Why might you be surprised when you heard Jesus describe his kingdom? How might you respond when you heard why Jesus had come into the world? How do you think you would feel about this prisoner-king who was facing a possible death sentence?

What are some of the ways people your age can show that they are committed to Jesus as the way, the truth and the life? How can you give evidence that Jesus rules in your life?

Gospel John 18:33b-37

Gospel Reflection

What kind of king is Jesus? In this reading from the passion story in John's Gospel, Jesus provides us with his own answer. Pontius Pilate was the Roman official who held power in Palestine. He asks Jesus if he is the king of the Jews. Pilate really wants to know whether Jesus might be part of a Jewish revolt against Roman rule. Jesus assures Pilate that his kingdom is not of this world. He is not one who rules by force. However he is a king who came into the world to "testify to the truth." All who recognize him as "the way and the truth and the life" will hear his voice (John 14:6).

As the Church year comes to a close, we are grateful for the ways in which we have heard our King's voice in the liturgy this year. We consider how to live the words of Jesus more faithfully as the circle of the new liturgical year begins.

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