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Talent Telegram (or Energy E-mail)

What story about Jesus astounds you?

Find out what your parish is doing right now to help others by sharing talents and gifts. What will you and your family do to join with the parish? Write it in the telegram (or e-mail) here.

Telegram (or e-mail)

TO: Our Parish ___________________________________

FROM: The ___________________________________ Family

Our family will help by:

A Gospel Meditation

This prayer may be done in a group or individually at home. Ask the group to listen quietly, perhaps with eyes closed, as the meditation is read.

Find a quiet place. Breathe in and out quietly so that your body can calm down and relax. Listen as I read:

All of us have "dead spots" in our lives—things, or attitudes, or habits—that keep us from living fully. What is your "dead spot"?
  • Is it a bad habit you wish you could break?
  • Is it a physical infirmity?
  • Is it a personal infirmity, like fear, or self-doubt, or lack of confidence?
  • Is it a personal relationship with a family member or friend that needs healing?
Now imagine Jesus leaning over you, touching that "dead spot" in your life. Hear him say, "Little one, arise!" Feel his strength and energy coming into your life. Get up from whatever it is that holds you back. Jesus says to you, "Don't be afraid; just have faith."

Write what you think Jesus' message is for you today.

Sharing Our Abundance

In the second reading, Paul encourages the Corinthians to share their abundance with those who are in need. We too can do our part to share with our abundance with those who are in need.

Provide a large jar or coffee can. Encourage each child to draw a symbol of himself on a small piece of paper and cut it out. Have each child glue this symbol on the jar or can. Then invite the children to bring in spare change throughout the week and place it in the jar or can. When the week is over, bring this money to a charity of your choice.

Healing Words

In Mark’s Gospel, we read of two instances where Jesus heals others.

Today we can help to heal those with broken hearts and spirits by kind and compassionate words.

Provide a box of adhesive bandage strips, such as Band-aids. On each bandage strip, write an expression of kindness, such as "I'm sorry," "It's O.K." "How can I help?" etc. Place these back in the box and put the box on the prayer table. Each day, pull one bandage out of the box and read what it says to the children. Encourage the children to use these words of healing for the entire day.

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