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Saying No to the Tempters

Name some of the hungers that people experience. How can we nourish them?

No matter how good we are, we all have to do battle with temptation. Even Jesus had to stand his ground. By relying on the word of God, Jesus emerged victorious over temptation?and so can we.

Name three temptations people in your age group experience--for example, being overly concerned about popularity. Then tell how you would overcome each of these temptations. Add to the list started below. 

                                         How to Overcome Them
1.  Doing anything to be accepted        Believe in myself as unique and good or popular 
                                                             Ask Jesus for strength to say no 
                                                             Reach out to others who may need a friend.



What will you do during Lent to strengthen yourself against temptation, either one of these or another one that is personal to you?

Sending a

Bon voyage is French for "Good journey!" Usually this means a journey by sea, but not always. When a friend goes on a long trip, we might have a bon voyage party. We express our good wishes for a safe and happy journey.

The catechumens in your parish are also going on a journey. They are journeying toward the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist) at Easter.

Who are the catechumens in your parish this year? You or your group leader can find out from the director of the RCIA or from a member of your pastoral staff. If your parish has no catechumens, you might "adopt" one from a neighboring parish.

Design and send a "Good Journey" card to a catechumen. Let that person know that you are with him or her in prayerful support on the Lenten journey to Easter. Ask in your daily prayer that this person will become a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

Send your card as soon as possible. The Lenten journey may seem long at times, but it is really only a few weeks until Easter!

A Family Tree

In the first reading, we remember the special story of God's people. We can remember the special people in our families. Place a large tree on a bulletin board. On the tree trunk write the words, "We are God's Family." Reproduce several leaves for each child. Write the names of the child, the child's parents and the child's grandparents on each of these leaves. Attach these leaves to the bulletin board tree.

A Tempting Song

Sing the following song to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Act it out as you sing.

Take the candy from her bag, 
From her bag, from her bag. 
Take the candy from her bag; 
What would Jesus do? 

Jesus would not take it,
Not take it, not take it. 
Jesus would not take it; 
Neither should you.

Grab the toy away from him,
Away from him, away from him. 
Grab the toy away from him; 
What would Jesus do? 

Jesus would not grab it,
Not grab it, not grab it. 
Jesus would not grab it; 
Neither should you.

Have children suggest addition verses.

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