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Gather in My Name»

Gather In My Name is a multi-faceted approach to whole community catechesis that is innovative, engaging, and easy to implement. Seasonal events bring together people of all ages to learn about and share their faith.

Question of the Week»

Weekly faith sharing (Question of the Week) includes activities, prayers, and discussion ideas centered on the Sunday Gospel readings. These are usable in the home and in catechetical sessions, with committees, volunteer groups, and the parish at large.

Liturgical Year»

A visual tool that explains the Church Liturgical Year - its seasons, colors, and feasts, with access to the daily scripture readings.

This Week's Liturgy»

Reflections and discussion questions on the readings for each Sunday and holy day liturgy. Activities for young people are included.


The Prayers Section for each grade offers audio readings of each prayer found in each grade as well as some alternative versions. The archive allows you to read/hear all the prayers in the program.

Audio Glossary»

Students and families hear explanation of the key faith words that are being learned by the students. A great way to review!

Song Lyrics and More»

Get a password and access a collection of song lyrics and other resources for We Believe with Project Disciple. Will enhance any lesson!

Catechist Quick Prep

Summer School Sessions»

Session Planning Guides that help to navigate through your Catechist Guide to present as a two-week summer program.

Correlations to the Six Tasks of Catechesis»

Each chapter is correlated to the Six Tasks of Catechesis, Catholic Social Teaching, and Catechetical Formation in Chaste Living. Set up for quick reference!

Catholic Social Correlations»

Catholic social justice teachings are a collection of documents, encyclicals, and synod statements that date back to 1891 with the issuance of Rerum Novarum by Pope Leo XIII and continue up to the present day.

Correlations to Catechetical Formation in Chaste Living»

Developed by the Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, these guidelines can assist in curriculum development by diocesan and parish catechetical leaders.

Video/Print Resources»

A comprehensive list of books and videos to compliment the We Believe with Project Disciple program.

Web Links»

Trusted links to resource material categorized according to different subjects and grades.

Dear Family Pages»

Four times a year, families are given a "heads up" as to what the students are learning in their We Believe with Project Disciple class. Faith formation for the whole family!

Sharing Faith with My Family»

Now available online and for download are family pages for each and every Chapter in We Believe with Project Disciple. Easy to use and proven effective!

Portuguese Translation»

Additional Connections for Parishes»

For all users of Sadlier We Believe with Project Disciple, K-6, Parish Editions, we provided additional Connections. These Connections serve to supplement the two Connections that appear at the beginning of each chapter in the Catechist Guides.

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