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October 12th, 2014 (see other dates)

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Discussion Questions for Reading 1

Have you ever been to a party where some special event was being celebrated? How is it different from an ordinary daily meal? In the first reading, why does Isaiah use the feast to tell us about what God has prepared for us in his kingdom? How can we prepare to participate in this heavenly feast? What are some other things said here about the kingdom? What does it mean that God will wipe away all tears?

Reading 1 Isaiah 25:6-10a

Reading 1 Reflection

When people celebrate a marriage, graduation, or other important moment in their lives, they often have a party. Today's first reading is a poetic description of the heavenly feast that God offers to all people. A banquet of choice foods is prepared by God, the gracious host, and the guests experience harmony and friendship with one another. Words, of course, cannot describe what God has in store for us. But Isaiah's imagery gives us some idea of God's generous and lavish love.

Discussion Questions for Reading 2

What are some of the reasons we find it so hard to be satisfied when we have less than we'd like to have? Do you find yourself "wanting" things that you don't really need? What might some of these things be? What makes you want things you don't really need? What is St. Paul's attitude about having or not having? How will you try to grow "rich" in Christ?

Reading 2 Philippians 4:12-14, 19-20

Reading 2 Reflection

We see in the second reading that St. Paul certainly knew all the secrets of a good life. He could be happy whether he had everything or nothing, whether he was hungry or full. Because he had the attitude of Christ, Paul also had the power of Christ working through him. Whatever he received from the Lord was all that he needed.

Discussion Questions for Gospel

Do we recognize that God has an invitation for us every day? How can we receive and accept it? Have you ever thought that other things were more important, or that you were too busy to accept God's invitation to Eucharist, sacraments, prayer, or doing something pleasing to God and helpful to others?

Gospel Matthew 22:1-14 or 22:1-10

Gospel Reflection

This is a story that actually happened: When a groom-to-be called off the wedding, the bride decided to go ahead with the wedding banquet. Instead of inviting friends and relatives, she invited some homeless people. These unlikely guests in their thrift-shop clothes had a wonderful time. And the bride who didn't become a bride had the joy of sharing her banquet with them. This story is very similar to today's gospel and the parable Jesus tells about the feast hosted by God. The invited guests do not show up, so other guests are gathered from the streets and invited to share the table and the joy. Sometimes we might ignore God's invitation.

Proclaiming Faith Activities for Primary Grades

Wants Versus Needs

In the second reading, Paul shares that he has experienced having a lot and also having only what he needed. Help the children distinguish between wants and needs. Make a floor graph. Using masking tape, make two columns. On top of one column place a note card with the word Wants written on it. On the top of the other column, place a note card with the word Needs written on it. Give each child two 4" by 6" index cards. Have the children illustrate or write something that they want on one card and something that they need on the other card. Call each child up to share his or her drawings and place these in the correct column on the graph.

Fruitful Feast

Isaiah tells us that God will provide a great feast for his people. Enjoy a feast with the children. Have each child bring a piece of fruit from home. Cut up the fruit and mix together in a large bowl. Spoon the fruit into small plastic or paper bowls. Check for children's allergies before sharing the mixed fruit with the children.

Proclaiming Faith Activities

Doing With or Without

Sometimes being too concerned with having things can be like being tied up with a rope. It takes away our freedom.

Draw a rope and loop it around some things that keep you tied up. You can use words, pictures, or icons to represent these things. When you have finished, choose one thing that you wish to be untied from and make a plan for prayer and action on how to break loose from it.

Check Your Freedom Score

Are you really free? Check your freedom score below. Add some other ideas to this list.

Decide how important these things are to you. Give yourself a score for each item.

           Not important - 3

           Fairly important - 2

           Very Important - 1

Popular brand name clothing _________

Computer games ________

The best sports equipment and uniforms________

A home others admire_______

Lots of music CDs and DVD equipment_______

Having expensive vacations _______

Always looking better than others________


What do you think your score means? Does it give you any ideas about what is important and unimportant?

God?s Messenger

If you were the messenger God sent out with invitations to the feast, how would you
respond to the guests who gave these excuses?

Guest #1: I cannot come, I have too many things to do.

Your answer ____________________________________________

Guest#2: I cannot come, I'm afraid the other guests won't like me.

Your answer_____________________________________________

Guest#3: I cannot come, I don't have the right clothes.

Your answer _____________________________________________

Guest #4: I missed the invitation, I was too high on alcohol and drugs.

Your answer _____________________________________________

Guest # 5: I didn't think I'd be invited because of the color of my skin.

Your answer _____________________________________________

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