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This Week's Liturgy

Most Holy Trinity

May 22nd, 2016 (see other dates)

The Most Holy Trinity

Discussion Questions for Reading 1

Look at the last five lines of this reading, or listen to them read again. As you do, think of Jesus. What images of Jesus come to you as you think of him as a craftsman, as "playing upon the earth," and as delighting to be with us? How can you picture yourself as a companion of Jesus, the Wisdom of God? How could you begin to become such a companion and friend?

Reading 1 Proverbs 8:22-31

Reading 1 Reflection

In this reading from Proverbs, God's Wisdom is pictured as a separate being who was with God at the creation. Wisdom works with God as a "craftsman" and "plays" with God's people on earth. For the Israelites, Wisdom was first a quality of God. Then they came to see wisdom as God's companion. Centuries later, Christians, looking back at the Old Testament for signs of Jesus, saw him as the Wisdom of God. This is part of the gradual and sometimes mysterious way that God is revealed to us.

Discussion Questions for Reading 2

Can you find all three persons of the Blessed Trinity in this reading? (Note: The reference to "God" is taken to mean "God the Father.") What is your attitude toward "affliction" or hard times? How do you keep hope alive when you are experiencing hard times? How do you help your friends to have hope when they go through hard times?

An old gospel song goes, "One day at a time, Lord Jesus, that's all I'm asking of you." How can focus on today help keep up your hope for tomorrow? Other favorite sayings for hard times are: "God will provide," and "The Lord will make a way where there is no way" and "There's always a ram in the bush." (This last refers to Abraham finding a ram when he needed one. See Genesis 22:13.) What scripture verses, sayings, or prayers help you keep going in hard times? You might like to share ideas and make a list to have at hand in time of need!

It is especially important for young people and teenagers to get help in hard times. When adults are surveyed with the question, "What was the hardest time in your life?" many reply, "When I was in junior high," or "When I was in high school." Hard times do not last forever, but we often need help to get through them. Where would you seek help in hard times?

Reading 2 Romans 5:1-5

Reading 2 Reflection

How does our faith in Jesus change us? Our letter today lists several ways. Through Jesus, we grow in harmony with God and receive the grace to live for God's reign. We have the virtue of hope, which is like a candle that is not blown out by the cold wind of hard times. And we have the Spirit living in our hearts, keeping God's love alive in us.

Discussion Questions for Gospel

We often use a triangle as a symbol for the Trinity. Each side is equal, and each of the three sides make one triangle. In the Trinity, all three Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are equal. Each one is God, yet one is not "more God" than the other. Together, they are one God. Saint Patrick used a shamrock to describe the Trinity. A shamrock is one plant with three leaves. Can you think of or design a symbol or sign that helps you relate to the Trinity?

Gospel John 16:12-15

Gospel Reflection

Today's gospel continues with Jesus' advice and instructions to the disciples at the Last Supper. He promises that the Spirit will be there to guide his followers to the truth. The Spirit will speak in Jesus' name, just as Jesus speaks in the Father's name. Each of these three Persons in one God belongs to the other. We call this mystery of God's identity the Blessed Trinity.

Proclaiming Faith Activities for Primary Grades

Crafting Creations

In the first reading, Wisdom is God's companion during creation. Allow children to be creators. Give each child a lump of clay and encourage him/her to form various creations. Provide time for children to play with their creations.

A Trinity of Love

Reinforce the concept of the Holy Trinity. Give each child a piece of white construction paper. Provide a heart-shaped sponge and green paint for children to make shamrocks. Have children dip the sponge in the paint and stamp a heart on their paper, saying, "In the name of the Father." Have them stamp a second heart, saying, "And of the Son." Have them stamp a third heart, saying, "And of the Holy Spirit."

Make sure that the points of the hearts touch, making a shamrock. Stems may be added using green markers.

Proclaiming Faith Activities

Honoring the Trinity

Take time to reflect on the meaning of today's feast.
Then, to honor the three Persons in one God, complete
this version of the Sign of the Cross. Speak directly to the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit from your own heart.

Draw a large shamrock with three large leaves. In one leaf,
write the following statement and then complete it:

Father, I praise you because. . .

Suggestions: you give life to all things.
you fill our world with good things.
you sent us your only Son, Jesus.

In the next leaf, write

Jesus, Son of God, I believe in you because. . .

Suggestions: you came into our world as one of us.
you suffered and died for us.
you became the Bread of Life.

In the next leaf, write

Holy Spirit, I love you because. . .

Suggestions: you teach us to love.
you fill us with God?s life.
you strengthen us to believe.

When could you pray this prayer to the Blessed Trinity?

Christ at Play

Christ, the Wisdom of God, delights in "playing" with the sons and daughters of God on earth. How do you picture Christ at play? Does he look like his gospel-self fishing with his friends? like a teenager of today making music? like a child playing tag? On a separate piece of paper, draw or write a description of Christ at play.

How will this image of Christ help you to know Christ better this week?

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